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Rob and Helene Vaughn are missionaries in Nashville, Tennessee to international students, refugees and immigrants. Rob and Helene joined the InterFACE Ministries staff in the spring of 2006. Previously they had worked on staff at Christ Presbyterian Church with junior high, high school and college students for nearly nine years.

The Vaughn’s mission is to help link local churches to the nations in Nashville. Genuine friendships develop during planned gatherings: the English conversation group at Fido coffee shop, soccer outreaches, women’s international book club, First Friends, EAT (Experiencing American Tastes) and Bible study.

Christ’s incarnation is their model (Philippians 2:1-11,15). Entering into the lives of internationals through service; with the goal of sharing the life and love we have in Christ. Through one-on-one friendships the Church can begin to understand the needs and individual situations of internationals. They desire God to take relationships where He leads. Sharing the love of Christ can mean listening, serving practical needs, praying, and meals together or going to church together. The Vaughns have joined hands with the Church and the nations in their city. 

Check out the new InterFACE website. a place for the church and nations to learn stories from Tues soccer or Conversation Partners, find out events to plug into and you can be a part of this particular way of Christ loving the nations in Nashville through His churches. 

Feel free to contact Rob Vaughn at 615-479-7873 or

or the national InterFACE Ministries office at 770-934-7797, if you have any questions.

Thank you for your support!

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