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It is very rare in today's music industry to come across a young artist with the passion and love for music displayed by country singer-songwriter Erin Kinsey. The 18 year-old performer from the Dallas, Texas area has not only had multiple appearances performing at one of Nashville's most historically significant venues, she has also received training from some of the biggest names in the modern music industry.

While many artists will say they have pursued music since a very young age, it took a little while for Erin to realize just how much music meant to her. She initially tried her hand at various sports before realizing that she wasn't discovering a passion for any of them. It was music, however, that captivated her and allowed Erin to communicate her feelings in a manner that felt authentic to her

“Music is a way for me to express my feelings and have others relate,” she explains. “With sports, I felt like I couldn’t really tell everyone what I was thinking because there is already a game plan and sports are pretty serious on the court and the field. Some people like that but, most of the time, I couldn't express my feelings so music and songwriting are ways for me to let all of the feelings pour out.

Erin has also benefited from being surrounded by what many would consider a music industry “Dream Team”. She has studied voice with celebrity voice instructor Brett Manning, known for his long list of students that includes Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, and Paramour's Hayley Williams. Her live performance skills are being honed under the watchful eye of live music producer Tom Jackson (Taylor Swift, The Band Perry). Erin is also learning about music business from former Taylor Swift manager Rick Barker and is studying songwriting with Clay Mills (Don't Think I Don't Think About It by Darius Rucker).

“One of the most important things I have learned from all of these people is work ethic,” says Erin. “They all work extremely long hours and have a family at home at the same time. They have taught me that you need to give it your all and you can’t give up even when you get put down. They are all such sweet people and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to work with them.”

With her voice, songwriting, and guitar skills continuing to improve, Erin found herself blessed with an opportunity to perform at one of Nashville's most popular venues. While the Bluebird Cafe has always featured many of country music's top talent, it has been experiencing a surge in popularity amongst casual music fans thanks to its role in the ABC television show, Nashville. Erin has already played the venue multiple times, with her first performance there coming when she was only 13-years-old.

“I was fortunate enough to have passed the audition process at the Bluebird when I was 12 but I didn't play my first writers show until I was 13,” Erin says. “The Bluebird is one of my favorite places to play and I always look forward to the show from the minute I am invited to play. It has so much history and a lot of great artists and writers have played there. The audience is always great and they are there to listen to your songs. There is no place like it.

So what experiences and stories does a teenage girl write about in her original songs? Erin is quick to point out that she tries to keep many of her songs on a positive note allowing her audiences and fans to walk away feeling good about themselves. She does admit however that there are times when her inner muse is feeling down.

“I try to write more positively but there are times that you can’t help but feel sad,” Erin says. “How I relate with people in the audience is by writing about life and in a way where everyone could relate. One of my songs I am singing about how much I love someone. In the audience, some one could be thinking about their wife, boyfriend, or dog while I’m thinking about my parents. I want to write in a way where others can put themselves in the song so they can personalize it!”

When she is taking a rare break from music, Erin indulges in things most teens take part in. She enjoys going to the movies and is an avid tennis player, something she can get a bit competitive over when playing with her sister and parents. Erin is also an animal lover and volunteers some of her time working at a local animal shelter.

“We have three Australian Shepherds that I love so much,” she says while smiling. “I can’t imagine my life with out them. Those dogs and cats at the shelter don’t have a home and I love getting to play with them and show them they are loved. The Collin County Humane Society at Rockwall is a non-kill shelter so I really love getting to go there. Every time I go I find a new dog I want to take home, only if my mom and dad would let me!”

 For more information on Erin, visit her website at

Country Music People Magazine 

April 2016

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Spending much more money to come to London and the O2 Arena were the people behind Erin Kinsey who flew this amazingly talented fifteen year old and her five piece band over from Dallas for a week. She did a signing session and played two sets on the Town Square stage drawing and retaining large crowds on both days. How many fifteen year olds do you know that would, on their first ever trip out of their home country strap on a guitar and launch their set with a seriously impressive version of Eric Church’s Country Music Jesus? No – me neither. The Taylor Swift comparisons are already coming thick, fast and completely deservedly; although I would venture to suggest Erin is already writing more mature songs than Ms. Swift did at the same age. Of course they are songs about subjects teenage g

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